20 January 2017: It was a bit of a wet day and I figured today was a good day to use my Menards rebate to perhaps buy the skeg timber. So saddling up my wife and three year old we went into Menards to buy the pine with my rebate. I was also able to purchase an adaption for my angle grinder to so that it transform into a sander. On the behest of the editor, who claimed it would be a worthwhile purchase.
Once home I went ahead and sank the carriage bolts through the outer keel as the plans explained. This is done in order to reinforce the area of the keel that will support most of the skeg weight.
I further decided to use my new attachment for my angle grinder in order to shape the stem a tad bit more. I added the attachment as well as one of my 36 grit sandpaper disks and got to work. To this all I can say is wow! It really removed a lot of wood and helped shape the stem a lot better than my mouse sander. Yet it was easy to let it get out of control and perhaps remove too much.
Also went ahead and used my drill press to bore some holes in the bottom part of the skeg that would rest right above the carriage bolts. Went pretty good and was proud of my grandfathers war surplus drill press working like a champ.
Tomorrow I will set about building the skeg!

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