21 January 2016: The morning started with myself trudging out to the shop in a wonderful bit of weather. It was around the mid 60’s and I was able to open up some of the windows as well as leaving the side door open.

I had figured with the help of my lovely wife, exactly how the pieces for the skeg will need to be cut and placed before they are faired down. So I went ahead and began with part of the skeg that I had bored holes in and epoxied and screwed that in place. Further cutting, epoxying (mixing more epoxy) and screwing the pieces of the skeg into place. This worked exceedingly well and looks great.

I was also able to use some of my spare mixed epoxy to fill in some of the areas on along the hull that needed it.

All and all a great day as the major construction on the hull is now complete. It now just needs to be faired down, sheathed, painted and flipped. Needless to say I am pretty excited.

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