18 January 2017: Today I figured I would go ahead and cut down the forward outer keel to the radius intended.

Taking a note from the plans, the builder suggests using  batten to fair out the curve. I had plenty of scrap thin pieces of pine lying around from my ripping of the outer keel sections. So using one of these pieces, I clamped them at a radius along the bow until I was satisfied with the line. Tracing it was easy enough and my battery operated sawzall did the cutting.

I cut well above the line (anywhere from a 1/8th to 1/4”) so as to let my belt sander with 36 grit sandpaper do the rest. You wanna talk about some sawdust, good grief. Yet it did the job rather well. The last little bits I used my mouse sander with 50 grit to finish.

I think it is about time to cut the stem to shape! Which will no doubt have to wait until tomorrow.

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