15 and 16 January 2017: We have had an ice storm around the area and thus my efforts have been somewhat mooted. I was able to finish epoxying the outer keel pieces and bring them inside the house to finish drying. The wife I am not so sure was so keen on the idea; especially since it left a few drops of epoxy on our basement concrete floor.

I was able this past weekend to finish up repairing my grandfather’s war surplus drill press. The capacitor had gone out on it and needed to be replaced. So the new parts came in around Friday and by Saturday I had the old girl working like a champ. It’s pretty cool and exciting to see this piece of history still work as designed.

Today (the 16th) I went ahead and emplaced the rest of the outer keel section to include the rounded piece for the bow. Prior to doing this, I went ahead and went into town and bought some 3inch deck screws and the keel bolts. The three inch deck screws I would use to screw the keel into the hull while the epoxy sets. The carriage bolts I picked up will

be utilized as per the plans, by holding the skeg to the keel.  Thus the only thing I will have left to do is attach the stem and fare it to the plans. Aside from that it will be a matter of building up the skeg and filling and faring down the hull as needed.  I must say she is looking mighty pretty and is shaping up nicely (or at least so I think).

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