January 3 2017: Bit of a cold windy day but I nonetheless decided to put some time in on the boat. Yesterday my wife took my older two daughters back to their moms while I went into town to run errands. Of those errands, I purchased and brought home some more pine for the outer keel and stem.

Thus today I figured I would rip the 1×3 pine boards down to the requisite 2 inches for the majority of the keel. For the forward part of the keel I laminated 1×10 pine boards sandwiching a piece of half inch marine plywood to maintain the two inch outer keel dimension to the stem. It is drying at present as a massive block that I will shape down to the outer hull once it’s ready.

I am still a tad bit unsure as to how I am going to fare down this piece to acquire the appropriate shape, thickness, and position. I’ll do some more thinking and reading on the matter.

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