23 December 2016: Ahoy mates, I hope all is well in the realm of sea faring adventurists.

Well it has been a real battle with the weather. As it has been remarkably cold here; at times into the single digits and the negatives. This means that epoxying has been relegated to direct heat from my heat lamps, halogen lights and space heaters aimed directly at the area.

Yet I have been able to apply epoxy to the bow area (finally), applying it to the seams along the bottom of the hull to the sides. It looks like it will fare down rather well but obviously we will have to see if this is the case.

In order to do this I went ahead and lit a fire in my shop’s stove and heated the epoxy by placing it next to it. Once it was warm to the touch I went ahead and mixed it thoroughly.

Hopefully I will be able to go ahead and move to the keel of the bow and epoxy and fare it to accept the outer keel.

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