28 November 2016: After class I went out to the shop and did the same to the port side that was done to the starboard side yesterday.

Trimming and fairing down the entire length of the boat both top and bottom had my arms screaming. Especially the bottom or what will be the top of the boat; this is because I had to hold the saw, planer and sander upside down.

While I was out there today and lost in my head working; I figured out how to close up the hull and prepare for the outer keel. I’m going to clean up the keel area (trimming the excess sheeting) and cutting long plywood strips from my scrap to emplace over the inner keel. These two layers of flat stripping will make a much easier fit for the outer keel to the inner keel (or so I think). Copious amounts of epoxy and some screws should help seal the sheeting and keel strips of plywood in order to have a pretty good and solid seal.

My order of refill epoxy and cabosil should arrive Thursday, and we shall see what I can get done before drill this weekend.

dsc01737 dsc01738

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