November 26th 2016:

A tad bit slower morning since we all had a pretty rip roaring time with Tony and Miranda. Pretty sure either I or others may end up paying for it though lol!

I decided at the behest of my wife to take all the girls to the shop with me this morning. Savannah needed a break from the girls so she could get some much needed homework accomplished.

It began in the shop by turning on all the heaters and lighting a fire in the stove so we could bring up the temp. Since the epoxy needs 55 degrees to properly work; I and the girls spent a bunch of time bringing in firewood. Within about an hour we had the temperature right at 55 degrees and since it was before noon, I figured it would warm up slightly anyways and thus decided to start sheeting.

Samantha was once again a massive help much as she had been the day before. I figured that we would this time get up all the big sheets of plywood before I cut and attached stop-waters inside the hull along the seams. This helped speed things along because I wouldn’t exactly need Samantha’s help should she decide to go with her sisters.

The other three girls played in and around the hull as we worked. Acting often as if they were selling peanuts from a concession stand. Between them playing and us working, I don’t know if the shop had truly ever been any louder. Also it would difficult to determine who was louder, my tools and us working or the younger three playing.

Once the hull was sheeted along the port side, the younger ones went inside and I mixed up more epoxy and installed the stop-waters. That effectively finished off this order of epoxy and cabosil.


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