November 25th 2016:

What a fantastic day shipmates!

My wife spent the morning and a good part of the afternoon “saving” money during her black Friday outing into town. Yet when she returned it was apparent she kept true to her word as the truck bed was loaded with the requisite plywood to continue sheeting the hull. She had some other cool stuff that I asked for as well like a thermometer for the shop and a new six gallon shop vac.

My oldest daughter and I started out measuring the height needed for the plywood pieces along the starboard side. I showed her how to read and measure with my tape measure and had her do all the marking. Once she had figured out how to use my drywall square she was off to the races. I was so proud looking down as she was spread out over the plywood using a tape, square and pencil to draw the lines. I however cut the pieces with my new battery powered circular saw from Porter Cable.

She was also a massive help and a great assistant as we moved the pieces into position over the hull and epoxied and screwed them into place. Sometimes that was a bit of a dance and required shimmying and whacking with my mallet. Samantha’s favorite part was helping me mix the epoxy; I let her squirt the resin and hardener into my bucket so I could mix it. She also enjoyed inputting the cabosil into the epoxy mix; often remarking how weird it felt even through the gloves.

Ultimately the day ended in the shop with the construction complete on the starboard side of the hull. Later that evening though Tony and Miranda came over for dinner and drinks much like we do every weekend. Tony came out to the shop to help me check temperature and how the epoxy was setting up. He remarked just how impressed and ultimately how cool it was that I was actually building a boat. Needless to say that was a big boost to the old morale!dsc01723 dsc01724 dsc01725 dsc01726 dsc01729

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