November 23 2016: My older kids are down here for Thanksgiving, so we put the turkey and ham on the smoker for 24 hours before heading to the shop.

Kayleigh was first out to see the boat and immediately exclaimed how impressed she was by her. She wanted to help with the build but I had a project I was trying to get done for Thanksgiving supper. That being a new table that would replace our old MDF board table. I was getting ready to apply the next layer of polyurethane when she asked if she could do it for me. Handing the task off to her was relatively simple and soon she was spreading poly.

Samantha my oldest came out shortly after and professed her pleasure at seeing the progress. She helped me measure the sides of the port bow area to help me cut and emplace the plywood to the bow. She was standing at the end lifting it somewhat up so we could get the max coverage possible while I epoxied and screwed the plywood starting at the stem.

Both girls helped me mark and get ready to cut the second piece of hull, but soon followed Savannah to assist her with a project of her own. Thus I cut that piece on my own and figured a way to emplace it being only a single person. I rigged up a primitive pulley type system that went around a rafter and I could use to pull the plywoood

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into place and secure it while I epoxied and glued it into place. The seam between the two pieces was horribly uneven and bowed. I therefore used a smaller piece of plywood on the inside epoxied and screwed to both pieces along the seam to help fair the overall shape of the edges. It worked rather well and the forward part of the hull along the port side looks great.

Unfortunately I am out of plywood and my wife is forbidding me to go before black Friday to purchase more. Instead she insists she will pick up the requisite pieces of plywood on black Friday as she does her Christmas shopping. I of course have no desire to engage in said black Friday madness and reluctantly agreed to her terms.

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