November 21 2016: Got ahold of my epoxy and hardener; the three to one stuff recommended by the US Composites tech. Also got the shop somewhat ready for the colder weather by plugging up some holes in the tin with duct tape and readying the stove and chimney. I further brought in two space heaters as well as some clamp on lamps that I can hang over the hull. All of this should help keep the shop in the daytime around 55 degrees which is essential for the epoxy to set up.

Yesterday evening my wife after she returned from her shopping trip and myself went out and began emplacing the next layer of sheeting on the hull. A little bit of give and take was required but it was all emplaced by 8:45 in the evening. The shop at that time was relatively warm; I’d say easily into the sixties. Pretty remarkable since it did not get much above forty the whole day. Yet that still meant I had to keep the temperature in the shop up for at least another two hours; so at 11:20 I called it a night.

I figure the next big task will be fairing the edges around the sides and preparing to sheet the sides of the hull. My older girls will be down here around that time so hopefully they will want to help lol!dsc01718 dsc01719 dsc01720

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