Hey there shipmates. Well I contacted US Composites today concerning an order that I had placed which was the wrong order. Turns out I have been using the wrong type of Epoxy and resin. The technician stated that the 1 to 1 epoxy system  (which the 1 to 1 system can only be used with the thick epoxy resin) was the wrong system to be using on the boat. Turns out the thick epoxy resin is to stiff and rigid to be ideal in boat construction. He recommended the thinner stuff with a three to one ratio as that seems to be the best choice for boat builders. Using Mark’s plans and tips for the boat, he called for a one to one epoxy and hardener ration; thus when I saw that US composites used the one to one only in their thick stuff, I naturally chose that. Anyways the thin epoxy system I have is what I will be using from here out and the tech said not to worry as using the thick stuff thus far would not be a deal breaker.

On the subject of temperature, the tech enlightened me that the three to one system requires at least 55 degrees to set up and cure for at least the first two hours. Good to know as it should stay in the sixties and fifties around here for a bit. Also he suggested that in the colder months, heat lamps could be used to ensure that the epoxied surface will be at least at fifty five degrees. So I have an infrared thermometer and several heat sources I can em-place around the boat to ensure this happens.

So bit of an enlightening day and glad I called and got the info.

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