November 13 2016: Yes I know this is becoming a bit of a thing with me posting for a few days’ of work and taking forever to catch everyone up. What can I say things are busy and when I am on the laptop I am doing school work! If anyone knows how much it sucks being an adult and responsible it is I.

I have tweaked the port side of the bot with more epoxy and screws and began fairing her down. The Starboard side of the bow was sheeted again in much the same fashion as the port side. I happen to think it looks a little better than the other side but maybe that is because I found a few tricks to help.

Since it is getting later in the year and as one might expect; it has cooled down a good bit. With temperatures at night getting into the thirties. I think this is starting to wreak havoc on my epoxy as I have had the bow planking strips begin to delaminate when I pull the screws. A judicious amount of epoxy and more screwing has seen the remedy of this problem. It is somewhat curious because before I never had a problem with things delaminating like they seem to now. I can only assume it is because that it is due to the cooler temperatures.

If it is because of the temperatures, I am going to have to figure something out. If the epoxy will simply not set up during the cold I will need to either wait for warmer weather. Or I will need to find a new adhesive I can use that will do the job just as well be darned the temperature. Perhaps an email to US Composites is in order!dsc01715 dsc01717 dsc01714

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