November 8 and 9 2016: Well on election day I went ahead and began emplacing the second layer of plywood on what will be the port side of the bow. That actually turned out to be somewhat harrier than the first layer. A lot of creaking and groaning happened and a few of the strips actually began to split! I figured that could be dealt with by adding a healing layer of epoxy. I used a lot more screws as well because the strips had a hard time wanting to hold shape. Further I figured out that the splitting actually lessened when I walked the curve up with the screws. Installing them every few intervals on differing sides of the strip. I also used copious amounts of thick epoxy to ensure a good amount of stickum was spread for safety sake.

The next day after coming home from school I discovered that both layers of sheeting I had applied on the port bow actually sheared away from the chine log. Needless to say I was almost in full panic mode. Yet I assessed the situation carefully and decided I could use one of my bar clamps to move both layers of sheeting back to the chine. I did this in intervals and applied 3 inch deck screws for extra grab and hold. That seemed to work fine but I also decided upon actually spreading a large amount of epoxy along the inside and outside edges for extra stick. I also figured that this may happen to the starboard side when I go to sheet the second layer over there. Thus I applied the same technique on that chine to reinforce it as well. So far it appears to seem that it will set up rather well (or so I hope).

After that calamity was averted, I went ahead and trimmed the excess from the second layer of strips. Looks pretty sturdy!dsc01714 dsc01712 dsc01711

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