November 7 2016: Sorry for the delay in getting back and updating everyone. It has been a very busy few weeks with a short turnaround for drill that was exceptionally long as well as school being a bear. However I have made some pretty good progress on the boat.

As promised more Epoxy and cabosil did arrive which was used to fill in gaps between the pieces of plywood and finish the transom area to get her closed in. I had to extend the keel as well as cut smaller pieces of pine to create fill in between the four ply transom and the bottom of the hull. They were cut and epoxied into place relatively easily and secured further with screws. Next came the encapsulation of the stern with the plywood for the bottom of the hull to frame J and another enclosing layer of plywood over the four ply piece. In essence the actual transom that the motor will mount on ended up being five pieces of plywood. Yet all this was epoxied and screwed into place to seal up the stern.

Looks pretty good all things considered and I think we are ready to emplace the second layer of plywood sheeting to the underside of the hull.


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