The inner keel is complete!

Very exciting news today all! The inner keel is complete!

Went ahead and epoxied the forward inner keel in place between frame B and A wow, what a difference. She actually has a bow now that appears to want to come to a point lol!

Was not really all that hard to do (or I am getting a lot better at this stuff one of the two). I placed the rear of the forward inner keel on frame B where the notch I cut meets the rest of the laid keel. I then had my lovely wife scribe on Frame A where I needed to cut to ensure a good fit as I held the forward keel. Some extremely thick epoxy was mixed and soon I had it gooped into the crevasses between the keel and the frames and applied.

Now to be honest I was not going to mention this because it is such a novice mistake, anyone who has worked with lumber should know better. I thought I would save some money by purchasing some 1×2 pine from Lowes for the chine logs. I had actually scarphed and epoxied three before I had an epiphany. The plans call for a 2″ wide by ¾” thick chine log, but the 1×2’s I purchased I had not taken into account their nominal thickness. They are actually 1 9/16ths of an inch in width. I mean wow, not taking into account this difference is such a rookie mistake, I mean a 2×4 is the milled and pre dried dimensions of that piece of lumber that actually shrinks after being kiln dried.

So I went ahead and took back the 1×2’s I had not used and purchased more 1×4’s to rip into the correct width. Thankfully I had just purchased them and Lowes was all too happy to accept my return and exchange.

Inner Keel


Epoxied keel part one!

Well today was an exceptionally good day shipmates! Scarphed some on one of my chine logs and got the keel bedded and epoxied.

Ironically enough the spacing between the frames was off in some areas by a foot; I really cant say how. Starting from Frame J I worked forward and screwed the keel into the frames for the last dry fit; checking often for the correct distance’s between the frames. It looks great but took the majority of the day to do that. The most ironic part being that the forward part of the horizontal inner keel that I thought was short was indeed not. I ended up cutting off the extension. Oh well live and learn.

The other day I had cut out and epoxied together the forward inner keel that is vertical. So today I went ahead and finished shaping it and cut the notches for it to fit on the frame. Still will end up needing a few more cuts but I think we are almost completely done with the inner keel! How exciting!

Epoxied keel

Inner keel

Forward section