Today started with the usual hot cup of coffee and opening of the shop; followed by what I planned to do today on the boat. Seeing what I got done the days prior, I figured it may be prudent to ask my lovely wife for help. She is a much better and skilled climber than I (after all she has had to do it all her life! lol) and I figured she could manage the on top of the hull part of sheeting the boat.

I didn’t really need to beg as perhaps one might imagine, she quickly got on her shoes and decided to assist me.

We soon had a tentative plan worked out on how best to tackle the jobs that day. Firstly we went ahead and trimmed all the overhanging plywood so as to make the space a little more user friendly. After that, Savannah mounted the hull and I began to hand her sheets of plywood to lay out at the correct angles for attachment. She would hold them in place while I secured the outer part of the plywood to the chine with screws and epoxy. That went rather well; although some issues arose pertaining to gaps and the odd pieces to fill them. Yet all in all, the sheeting of the hull to approximately frame B went rather well.

Afterwards we decided a divide and conquer approach was best. She would trim the excess plywood from the keel and the outboard sides. While I planked the forward part of the hull with two and a half inch strips of plywood. These narrow strips or planks made it much easier to create the “bend” on the forward part of the hull.

At present I have enough epoxy left to make one more batch and that is it. More epoxy is on the way and according to UPS should arrive Monday. I plan on using epoxy to fill in all the seams on this part of the hull prior to emplacing the second layer of sheeting. My cabosil reserve is also becoming a tad low, however not in the danger zone yet. That cabosil filler is absolutely awesome and seems to really last! I plan on placing a Cabosil order today; but this will only be my second refill order.

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