Well as I promised, more epoxy did arrive. Of course not after I had to go to drill and prepare for the upcoming college classes I need to take for graduation. So that is why it has taken ever so long to post, even though I have not stopped working on the boat. So I will fill you guys in!

The boat transom which I was jig sawing together has seemed to shape up rather nicely. A few days ago I got the other two sheet haves of the transom epoxied. I figured it would be a good time to go ahead and shape the first half of the transom with my sonic crafter and belt sander. The next day I did the same to the other half of the transom. Thus I now had to faired halves ready to epoxy together to create the four thick transom. Mixing up a crap load of epoxy that drained me to half my epoxy reserve soon saw the two halves epoxied together.

Since I now have the plywood to start sheeting the hull I began sheeting! Starting at the bow to get the curve and twist taken care of that exists from the stem area to Frame A, I ripped some of my scarp plywood that I had on hand to about 2.5 inches in width. Further I used trim screws to anchor them as I epoxied them in place. Looks alright I suppose. I got both starboard and port sides from the stem to frame A sheeted and epoxied.

The next day I went ahead and figured that I could use the big sheets to start from the stern and work towards the bow. The idea being that I can use what scrap is left over to probably finish the bow. Thus I started on what will be starboard side laying sheeting angling it accordingly to the plans. All went relatively well. I cut with my sonic crafter the excess that went over the inner keel so that it would fit appropriately. I also epoxied and screwed the sheeting in place over the chine logs and various frames in order to secure them. With only one or two close calls; like a frame splitting that I epoxied and clamped to fix, all went well.

I decided to order more and a larger quantity of epoxy and to continue on this track as it seems to be panning out!








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