Well today was an exceptionally good day shipmates! Scarphed some on one of my chine logs and got the keel bedded and epoxied.

Ironically enough the spacing between the frames was off in some areas by a foot; I really cant say how. Starting from Frame J I worked forward and screwed the keel into the frames for the last dry fit; checking often for the correct distance’s between the frames. It looks great but took the majority of the day to do that. The most ironic part being that the forward part of the horizontal inner keel that I thought was short was indeed not. I ended up cutting off the extension. Oh well live and learn.

The other day I had cut out and epoxied together the forward inner keel that is vertical. So today I went ahead and finished shaping it and cut the notches for it to fit on the frame. Still will end up needing a few more cuts but I think we are almost completely done with the inner keel! How exciting!

Epoxied keel

Inner keel

Forward section