The day started with a trip to the car lot. Not exactly what I wanted to do but my wife received a pretty good lead on a replacement vehicle for her. So she wanted me to tag along to make it a joint effort; how could I refuse. After much debating and heckling we bought a new minivan! To be honest it’s kind of nice and I have nothing to prove anyways lol!

Since it was Wednesday, I had to hurry home (Savannah had paperwork to do!) to meet Paylah from the bus as she gets home earlier on Wednesdays. So baby and I stopped by Lowes on the way home to pick up more wood for the forward inner keel and the stem.

Once we arrived back at the farm, baby proceeded to take a nap and dad tackled the boat. I checked Frame F to determine how it had dried. Thankfully it epoxied as well as it looked last night and was ready for installation. It was about that time Paylah made it home from school. Which was extremely fortuitous because I needed someone else to help hold this frame while I screwed it in place. She readily agreed to assist me and we soon had Frame F screwed level and emplaced.

How cool was it to have all the frames standing on the strongback again and wow what a difference. They all align really well and the lines sure do add up much better now. So excited to see that everything looked so well, I went ahead and decided to put the keel on the frames for a dry fit (first of many I am sure). It definitely shows that some frames will need to be trimmed a bit more but the fit was not near as bad as it was earlier. However I did notice that it was a tad short by about a foot. I therefore decided to take some scrap 1×4 and laminate them for the fix. Figure tomorrow I will go ahead and cut the keel a bit so that I can attach the new piece like I have the other sections.