Hi shipmates! It is so important I believe in this to share what I have learned during this process in order to help others. The one thing I have learned in this is take your time and don’t try to do too much all at once. The replacement frames have taught me that a little more attention to detail may have averted the rebuild; as these two seem to be far more accurate. Secondly I would often epoxy everything in one day so that the 1x “skeletal” structures of the frames and plywood inserts would dry together. Yet this often made for an anxious epoxy session as the frames would be prone to misalignment due to slippage. This second attempt at both these frames has shown that epoxying the 1×4 structure first (and allowing them to dry) before epoxying the plywood inserts makes it much easier. Nothing slips about and everything is a little more study as it goes to dry. Thus we epoxied Frame D’s plywood inserts last night which was much easier; and even before they were dry I could tell they were more accurate.

We managed to get the inserts for Frame F traced out as well but I have not cut them out yet. Since my big clamps were in use last night to hold Frame D in place. I saw no reason to hurry and finish Frame F’s inserts. They should be cut out and epoxied in short order tomorrow.