Well boat fans, the replacement for frame D is drying as we speak. Looks much better and more appropriate than the original frame. I plan on getting the plywood inserts cut soon and epoxying them in shortly.

Since we already had one major screw up, I decided (with the behest of Bruce) that now was the time to triple check the other frames. Thus when my wife got home, we measured the tops and bottoms of all the frames to compare them to what they should be on the plans. We also eyeballed the chine and sheer clamp real well to see how they lined up. Everything looked really good and was for the most part spot on with the exception of Frame D. Its “bottom” measurement (top right now) was way too wide. It was therefore decided that we have another frame to rebuild.

However I am still not all that bummed about it. Since I have never done this before, I figure 2 out of 9 isn’t all that bad. So when I get home tonight I will redo Frame D and cut out the plywood inserts for both it and F.

Unfortunately it will be a light work to nonexistent boat work weekend since I have a bar b que to go to on Saturday. It’s in St. Louis and far away from the farm so we will be forced to stay the night. Not all that bad though, there will be good company, food and beer. What more could a guy want! Besides frames that actually worked right the first time lol!