What an up and down day. On a positive note, the keel lamination is coming along quite nicely with the last piece of the horizontal keel epoxied today. The fit of the first two pieces seems overall pretty good; I am therefore encouraged with this major part of the build.

As I was letting that section of the keel dry, I decided to get to work cutting the holes in the frames for the keel section. With my sonic crafter tool this worked rather well, even after cutting through a screw.

Once the holes were cut, I decided, just for grins put up an already laminated piece of the keel to see how it would fit. This is when I realized I had a problem. Frame F was way high on its crook (something I had been worried about but decided to let it ride until I was sure). It actually made a see saw action with the keel on both sides of the frame. Further inspection also brought to light the fact that the side of the frame rather far inboard. To the point that the sheer clamp would have to bend in and back out to attach to the frame. In an effort to get a second opinion and set of eyes, I asked my wife to come out and look at it with me as I explained the dilemma. She concurred with my assessment and we both decided it would probably be best to go ahead and rebuild frame F.

Since this is my first major goof up, I figured I was probably due. After all I have never done this before and sometimes I don’t even know what right is or looks like. However I have learned that sometimes you just need to follow your gut and your eye. If it looks right it often is right and vice versa. However I am not overly bummed or concerned as I think we can have this rectified in short order.

keel lamination

one frame off

keel lamination