Pretty uneventful day concerning my build. I went ahead and got the second part of the keel ready to laminate, checking it for a good fit and alignment with the first laminated keel. Mixing up a batch of epoxy I went ahead and applied it and clamped it much like the first part of the keel yesterday. Since that took all of no time and I couldn’t see wasting time not working on the boat, I tended to the frames. Some of them were a little long in areas or the bevel was slightly off, to say nothing of cutting the ventilation holes in the aft frames. I therefore set about doing those things and completed them before deciding to call it quits for the day. All that should be needed concerning the frames is to cut the joints for the keel, chine log and sheer clamp.

On a more personnel note: My parents have been keeping track of my build via this blog and are extremely impressed with my progress (nice to know it doesn’t take much lol). So much so that my dad called to talk about how cool it was and asking a bunch of questions. We talked for a good while about boats and he was reminded of his father’s (my grandfather obviously) boat which was built much in the same way. Since I never met my grandfather as he died before I was born, I very much appreciate it when dad talks about him. Anyways my grandfather’s boat was ultimately destroyed, but he and dad kept all of the hardware such as bolts and fittings. They are all made of brass, to include some hand built window locks he made. Dad told me that he would just love it if I used stuff from his father’s boat in my boat. Totally took me a bit by surprise, and I now feel a huge sense of importance concerning this build due to the added since of lineage. Not that this is a bad thing and to be honest I am quite honored. It will be more then cool to talk to my kids during this build about my dad and his dad and our collective history on the water. Holding a piece from Papaw’s (our family’s nickname for grandfather) boat and implementing it in mine will be an unending source of pride for me. I hope I can instill that in my kids as well!

Laminated Keel