Driving home with clouds and stormy weather; I figured another good run was probably out of the question. Thus I decided to clean up around the house and prep for dinner as my wife was busy substitute teaching and would be home later. After my exercise in housekeeping; it was time to go to the shop.

I had asked Tony earlier in the week if he would help me this Saturday on the boat, to which he had agreed (with Miranda’s consent no doubt). I planned to stand the frames up on the strongback this weekend and figured I could use another pair of good steady hands. Thus we would use my sled and crow’s feet idea which required me to make the crow’s feet for all the frames. Today being Friday and therefore Saturday being tomorrow; it behooved me to ensure all crow’s feet and stands were ready to go.

The crow’s feet consisted of a “leg” which was a precut stud cut in half. The “foot” part of them was comprised of a top that was 3 9/16″ to fit over the top of the 2×4 sled. As well as the 4″ front part of the foot that would cover the other side of the sled opposite the leg. I had to make enough to have two per frame. This was accomplished however in relatively short order.

Soon after completing the building of my crow’s feet, Savannah arrived back home with the girls. I decided it would be a good idea to call it for the night and go aide her for the evening by making dinner and wrangling kids.