I figured that since I had spent a lot of time in the shop lately when I got home; I should perhaps also make sure I’m living up to other commitments. Most notably my Army Guard commitments concerning my PT test in October. I therefore went for a two mile run after I came home from work. Would much rather be in the shop, but hey life is full of obligations that carry serious consequences.

So when I was done about killing myself on my dirt road (was an awful rough run), I decided to go directly to the shop to epoxy the transom. Yet when I got to the shop and began dry fitting the pieces of the first part of the transom (they are actually two separate pieces), I noticed that it did not fit as well as I had remembered. The Inboard side of Transom 1 was a little short and the plywood insert had a bulge that made fitting the frame pieces flush impossible. I therefore decided to measure and cut a piece of 1×4 from my scrap to make up for the distance the inboard piece was short. I nailed it together with intentions of epoxying it to make it permanent. As for the plywood insert; I got out my trusty rabbit plane and did some edge planning. I checked constantly for a good snug fit and planned when and where necessary, eventually achieving my goal. Now the time for epoxy had come and with the aid of my handy dandy pumps I mixed up a batch. Epoxying it was somewhat difficult because the insert while being snug also liked to fall out or bulge to one side or the other. After slopping on a good amount of epoxy and fastening screws to the inboard side of the frame to hold the plywood, another round of thick epoxy was in order. Mixing up another much thicker batch this time I applied it liberally to the inside of the frame meeting the plywood. However the only clamps that would work are my only two big bar clamps, thus I would have to wait until tomorrow for Transom 2.