Once again like any other Tuesday, I came home to watch my wife leave for school. Thus it was an evening with Mr. Mom and the girls. Not that I couldn’t get at least a little work done like epoxying Frame J.

As per usual I set up my epoxy station with plastic over my drawing board and the various implements of “destruction” such as my drill, screws, clamps etc. However when I went to epoxy the frame together I discovered that emplacing and clamping all the plywood pieces together inside the frame was a bit of a bear. I would clamp one area only to have it wiggle out of alignment in another. The lockers were particularly troubling as they seemed to not want to stay true inside the frame as I clamped them tight. So after a few minutes of clamping, whacking (with a mallet) and cussing, the frame was epoxied and drying. However with my lovely assistant gone, I could not move the frame to the drying area, so I decided to just let it dry in place. After all, I am out of clamps, time and patience to attempt to epoxy the transom lol!

This was also the first use of my new epoxy and hardener pumps, and boy do they make life easier. My epoxy is accurately measured and thickened accordingly; the stuff I used on Frame J was thick and dried well (after checking it often). The thick epoxy however does not like to pump as well as the hardener does, but it’s still more controlled and accurate then my eyeball mixing before.

Also set up the trial run of my new frame sleds using Frame A and B on my strongback. It seems like it would work rather well but the kids were getting hungry and I needed to go make dinner.

Frame sleds

Frame sleds

Frame J