Had a bit of an emergency come up on my way to work that required my immediate and full attention. Yet when that was concluded (satisfactorily I might add), I did some research to determine what the best way to emplace frames on a strongback would be.

My research determined that having the frames on temporary supports that could move along the strongback as well as have the frames move side to side is superb. I therefore changed my approach from a joist method to “sled” system. Where the 2×4 supports would actually go completely across the strongback to its outer edges and have shorter 2×4’s cut and placed on its ends. Therefore the 2×4 support base could move forward and backward without falling off the strongback along its entire length. Concurrently the support that goes up to hold the frame from the base should be similar in that they have 2×4 pieces that go around the top (reminds me of a bird’s foot holding onto a branch) of the 2×4 base board and allow the frame to move sideways. Thus the only crucially difficult part will be getting the frame height correct. All other axis’s are capable of easy manipulation.

No doubt difficulties still abound. Like if it is better to screw the sleds down when all the measurements are good only, or use a batten to ensure they stay good before I screw them. Also my strongback has joists and angle supports within it to keep it stiff and sturdy. Yet they also make for potential obstacles to my sleds. Nonetheless, I believe I am on the right track.