With drill wrapping up fairly early; I decided to head home and see if I could get anything done in the shop.

After a quick change I headed out to determine if I could begin setting up some of the frames on the strongback. While I did not anticipate this task to be necessarily easy; I certainly did not expect it to become such a pain. Simply figuring out how to attach the frames so that they would line up easily with one another at the correct height and the correct distance was like trying to juggle two running chainsaws. I had originally designed the 2×4 supports to come up from the strong back to be affixed like floor joists. Thus they would span the 2×8’s on the inside and I would screw them in place from the outside like if I was building a deck. Since I have done this a lot (joists), I figured this would be the best and least problematic way to do it.

Yet while Frame A worked ok with this approach; it was the first frame and as such needed to not align to anything. However, when I attempted to get Frame B up and in place; the difficulties became a bit more apparent. Hanging it like a joist means that moving it forward and back requires a smack with a mallet on the 2x. While this can certainly be done to some degree of accuracy, having a frame attached and floating above makes things exceedingly more difficult. For starters, you have to align the frames, not the supports. So often I found that the mallet and joist approach was relatively inaccurate and prone to not always lining up “true”. Second, the 2x joist is held in by pressure, so you have to walk it in or out relatively uniformly. Otherwise you will end up with a fallen joist and frame on your back. Lastly, this process took a long time to simply erect one frame, all the while prone to such difficulties. Simply put my wife and I came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way.

My wife, who I recruited shortly after the onset of difficulties as well as myself decided that perhaps we should call it for the day. It was getting late and dinner had to be made as well as getting ready for school/work the next day. Further, it was an incredibly early day for me and I was getting foggy brained (i.e. the onset of stupid); thus it was decided (by both of us) to come back at it fresh.