After work I finished the plywood cutouts for the lockers on frame J and began laying the lines for the Transom. With the aid of my wife and a new snap line, we drew the shape of the transoms on the board. While they had some interesting bevels on a few of the members, it was nothing my experience with the past two frames couldn’t handle. Thus I cut them out and shaped the accordingly with a combination of my planner and jigsaw. After doing that I placed the frames on the remainder of my Marine Ply and traced the plywood inserts. Some handy jigsaw work and they were cut and ready for epoxy.

After coming inside I noticed that I had received an email from my epoxy supplier stating that the order had shipped and will be here Monday. Normally I would be a little bummed about wasting the weekend but its drill weekend for me anyway.

On a side note: earlier at work I attempted to get ahold of some really cheap marine ply or MDO distributors. Sheeting the hull is going to be a massive expense and one which I would like to cut down a bit in the financial hemorrhage. Thus I came across a few international distribution sites, primarily exporting from China. While I love my country, I am not willing to go broke to have a boat hull in an appreciable amount of time. Thus if they can make me a good deal on some MDO, I will likely jump on it.

Sorry no pictures lately but I figured nothing really worthy of taking pictures.