Good ole labor day! With the day off I figured a good solid push could perhaps see me complete the lettered frames (A-J). I epoxied Frame H which because of the large plywood inserts was quite the bear and took a little longer than expected. Further messing around with the frame longer than expected translated into a good portion of my epoxy hardening before I could use it. After mixing up another batch I soon had the rest of the frame epoxied.

Laying out the lines for Frame I was a little unique as the sides opposed to being at an angle, instead were straight with bottoms of the frames being cut at an angle. The inside angles were 90’s which made it a little easier to fit things together.

My wife had to go into town and was going to take my seven year old Paylah with her. Which meant Daddy would have the three year old Annaliese with me. She seemed so excited when I told her she got to help build the boat with me. When she came to the shop she quickly asked “where’s the boat”, to which I said “it’s over there” pointing to a stack of frames. She crossed one arm and with one hand on her chin and an inquisitive scowl on her face said “well, it doesn’t look like much”.

Frame I was cut somewhat slower as I had a very needy two and a half foot companion. The bevel on the sides of the frame was made quickly with the aid of my planer and planning jig. The upcoming lunch and nap times soon meant we had to retreat inside for a while.

After my little helper was down for a nap, I went back to the shop where I redrew the lines for Frame J. My wife got home shortly after I was done drawing and we unloaded the 1×4’s and studs she had picked up. The studs will be to place the frames on the strongback.

After that was done and I helped unload the truck of other non boat stuff (ergo not near as priority lol) I went back to plastic the table and ready frame I for epoxy.

This frame epoxied relatively easy and was soon set to dry. However with the onset of evening it was high time for me to shower and stay inside.