Decided that today was a good day for a Lowes/Menards run with Tony who said he needs stuff from Lowes anyways. From Menards I purchased another piece of Marine Ply and from Lowes I got more 1x material. Tony bought lumber to fix his fence which grossly outweighed my little selection of wood (thankfully I have a ¾ ton pickup).

Once arriving back in our little town, we dropped off Tony’s lumber at his house and proceeded to mine and the shop. After arriving back at the farm (my house) we offloaded my lumber in the shop (a piece of cake compared to Tony’s load) and proceeded to get to work. Tony was very excited to understand just what goes into building a boat and quickly help me set up the epoxy station. I showed him how I laid out the frame, plates, screws, clamps and drill so that I may quickly and efficiently assemble and glue the frame before the epoxy becomes useless. Afterword’s I sat down to mix the epoxy and realized that my supply was getting somewhat low; these frames certainly seemed to eat the epoxy. Relatively certain that my several goofs and sloppy application at times helped reduce the epoxy on hand as well.

Epoxying Frame F was relatively painless with thanks due to my buddy who managed to not glue anything to the table or himself. The rest of the time was somewhat wasted as more beer was consumed then construction done on the next frame. But we had fun nonetheless.