I had to go to my National Guard unit today for some supply stuff, but got back before I expected too. So that meant ample time to work on the boat.

Since I left off epoxying Frame D, I figured I would do that straight away. However my wife brought up a good point about using painter’s plastic we had to contain the mess. Figuring she was right (usually is), I went ahead and set up an epoxy station with the painters plastic on my drawing board. With everything in arms reach and accessible to ensure the entire process could be done from up there without having to hunt for stuff. It worked beautifully and Frame D was epoxied and drying in no time at all.

Removing the spent painter’s plastic revealed that not a single bit of epoxy made its way to the newly painted drawing board. Another huge win! So now it was time to try out the new and improved drawing board with Frame E. Boy howdy was my book right! Having a white surface to draw your lines on makes it so much easier. Extremely clear and there is also no having to determine what line means what or where you put your line to begin with. Frame E was therefore drawn in record time and soon cut and fit.

However progress came to a screeching halt because I did not have the requisite clamps to Epoxy Frame E. My large bar clamps were actually clamping Frame D while the epoxy set. So it would seem that the old adage is true concerning boats; there truly are never enough clamps.

never enough clamps