Strongback materials

After work today I decided to go to Lowes and grab the 2×8 timber for the strongback. Those 16 foot pieces I bought sure hung out the back of my pickup truck; made for an interesting and thankfully uneventful ride home. Once I got home and unloaded the timbers in the shop: it was time to finish tarping the pontoon since she is now outside. My wife and I spent about 45 minutes to an hour finishing the tarping. She is ordering a pontoon cover so the redneck job we did is not the permanent one. We also decided that we will fix the pontoon as much as we see to be necessary and sell her to fund this build.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the shop in question;


Shop interior

Moving the mess

Removed the pontoon and much of the leftover gear and crap from the Branson camping trip. Of course the assistance of my lovely wife who helped load the truck up with said crap and hitch up the pontoon to move it made it so much easier/possible. Kind of funny how much a family like mine requires so much stuff to go camping. It is also somewhat funny how we more or less moved the mess from the shop to the basement. I am sure we will in the coming days sort, clean and stow everything; but for now the shop is clear (relatively clear anyways).

Welcome to Hugh’s V28 Build!

Hugh is tackling a Mark Van Abbema V 28… and he’s been kind enough to let me host his build log. I’m looking forward to being able to follow along.

He has what sounds like a good setup for boat-building… lots of tools and a large shop to be able to construct out of the weather (very, very important… believe me when I say that :-)).

Check his initial posting for some background. He just got his plans – exciting time 🙂

Welcome to Hugh’s V 28 build

Hello, I’m Hugh…

I am a 14 year military veteran first four years being Navy. I am also a massive history buff and nerd. Also kind of grew up on the water with a love of boats and naval history. I have always wanted to build a 60 or so foot sloop of war like those that sailed in the Continental Navy. Yet many friends, family and experts (I’m no expert, but I have to agree – ed.) have suggested I set my sights a bit lower for a first build. Don’t get me wrong I have not given up on my bigger dream in my Sloop of War.

I have four children all told. All daughters of course and all love the water. Thus a few years ago I purchased a Pontoon Boat that was decrepit than and now is simply more trouble than she is worth. Upon coming across Marks’s designs I persuaded my family (mostly my wife) to allow and help me build a Mark V 28. They all agreed and actually my wife is looking forward to helping me build (we shall see how that goes lol…).

Making this decision to build the boat a bit easier is the fact I have worked a lot with wood, building my own furniture and inside my home and have many nice tools that should make this easier. Further, I also have a 30×40 shop (pics will follow) that I will do all the construction in and keep the boat protected and dry. In the spirit of this new venture and since I am a massive nerd, the shop will be re-dubbed the "yard". This is, however, not to say I expect this project to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. I have never built a boat before and I will be constantly second guessing myself combined with balancing my family, work and school (senior year of college).