Decided that a trip to Menards was in order after work so to make a few purchases that would assist in my boat building venture. Learning from Bruce that plastic putty knives work great to spread epoxy, I purchased a few cheap ones. Also, a book I read spoke of using a 4×8 sheet of ply painted with white paint works perfectly as a drawing board which you lay down your frame templates. I have been using a piece of plywood to do just that but it was natural wood finished and often made the lines hard to see or confusing to decipher. I went ahead and purchased some cheap white paint to make my drawing board/template a little easier to read.

Returning home I changed into my work clothes and immediately went to the shop to determine how well Frame C came out. To my surprise it had set up rather well; to include the ratchet strapped area.

After unclamping and un-ratcheting Frame C, I set about laying down the lines for Frame D on my template. With the lines laid down in short order (getting pretty good at this) I made all the necessary cuts. Since by this time is was getting pretty late I decided to wait to glue the frame together tomorrow; but I no longer needed the template on the plywood. So I went ahead and added the white paint, which came out rather well. Really looks like a drawing board and will be ready for tomorrow’s task.

drawing board