Didn’t get much done today after I got home. Mostly due to the fact that I had to watch my daughters while my wife left for her evening college course. Therefore it fell to me to make sure homework was done and dinner was made as well as getting them both ready for bed. No big deal as this is actually a part of our routine.

I did manage to get frame C epoxied together which was more of a challenge than I originally anticipated. It is the biggest frame yet and has the biggest plywood insert. I was able to get the 1x material all epoxied and screwed with only slight difficulty. The plywood on the other hand was a bit more difficult, as how to ensure it would stay where it needed to while I epoxied it. Further how could it be clamped to ensure a good snug fit for the epoxy.

I figured I would use screws along the inside of the 1x members to act as pegs to hold the plywood in place while the frame was on its back. This worked out really well and I was really able to spread a lot of epoxy and get a good overall “soak” on and within the joints. To clamp it I had one really long bar clamp that clamped to the plywood and the deck support 1x. Clamping it abeam was a bit more “redneck” as I used a ratchet strap to pull the sides snug against the plywood.

I checked on it periodically to ensure that the epoxy was where it was supposed to be. As well as ensure I did not epoxy the clamps or entire frame to the floor. Thankfully I checked often because I went out there once before the girls went to be and had to pry the apparatus off the ground. I emplaced some paper and rechecked everything to make sure this would not happen again; ultimately deciding to place paper on every place the frame touched the floor.

Hopefully tomorrow will reveal another successful attempt and I will be able to move onto Frame D.

Frame C