Upon coming home from work I decided to get right to the shop and check the epoxy job on Frames A and B. I removed the clamps and all seemed very sturdy, however I still had screws in plates (1/2 in Marine Ply) attached at every joint. The moment of truth arrived when I backed out all the screws from the reinforcing plates to reveal that the epoxy had worked brilliantly. The Frames were not only rigid but incredibly tough (or at least so they appeared) and showed no signs of weakness or failure in any joint. Needless to say I was pleased as well as encouraged.

I excitedly brought my wife out to see how good of a job we did; to which she exclaimed her relief. I then began to set out to draw the lines on the plywood template for frame C. Surprisingly this went relatively quickly (guess I am getting the knack of this) and I soon had the timbers marked and ready to cut.

Savannah helped me mark and cut the plywood for Frame C as well as rip a piece of 1×4 for the deck support. We collectively decided to not attempt to epoxy everything because it was getting late and we needed to cook dinner. Not to mention it was bloody hot and the heat confusion was beginning to set in. I will either epoxy it tomorrow or sometime this week.