What a day! It started off with my wife needing to make a trip to a neighboring town leaving me with both girls. No problem though as we all proceeded to head out to the shop shortly after mom left and breakfast was eaten.

I set about laying a piece of plywood (1/4 inch 4’x4′ scrap) onto two sawhorses creating a bit of a table. Onto this, I laid the lines down from the plans. While this sounds easy I was at a bit of a loss on how to start and what exactly the measurements would and needed to translate too in reality. With much calculating, deliberating, second guessing and eventually drawing; the template was created. Believe it or not but when it comes to math, I am little better than a functioning idiot, thus it took quite a while to create this template.

I believed it would be a good idea to create “moulds” or 3d templates of the framing members from 1×4 whitewood and door paneling (more scrap from the shop) to transfer onto the real wood. Thus I labored and cussed and produced the moulds which I promptly transposed onto the actual lumber. With the angles on frame A being a bit of a bear; I found myself “truing” up the beveled cuts on the 1x with my planer and a jig I built. Even so, afterwards they were not the prettiest cuts I have ever made. Further I figured I would use plywood plates on all the joints to help hold it together and provide extra strength.

My wife returned from her trip later that evening and I decided to put off gluing frame A together until the following morning. Figured it would be somewhat nice to spend an evening inside with the girls relaxing; after all it was a tiring day (at least mentally if not physically as well) lol.