Red letter day today, as I was able to go to Menards and purchase the lumber to begin building the frames. My youngest daughter (Annaliese) was with me on this historic occasion. She thoroughly enjoyed riding in the cart and watching daddy buy wood to build the boat (or so she kept saying).

Upon returning home the boat lumber was unloaded onto the strongback; yet I did not immediately get started on the first frame. I first finished filling and shaping my buddies headboard down so they can finish it to their “style” (much more of the Martha Stewart types than I). Tony and Miranda’s headboard though is now done; or as done as I am going to make it and that means its taking up space in the boat shop.

Suppose I could have begun laying out the lines on a piece of plywood to create the template for Frame A. Yet the reality of what I am doing (building my first boat and entrusting it with our lives) began sinking in and I decided to come at it fresh in the morning. Making this decision out of either sound judgement or trepidation and anxiety I may never fully know.