After waking up (eventually), I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed for the shop. Making good use of the Lowe’s run the previous day, I reinforced the strongback significantly. After which I worked on a small project for my wife (the creation of new drawers) and my bud’s headboard.

Savannah (my wife) took both the girls with her to acquire an elliptical she had discovered for sale. They were gone most of the day but upon her return she brought my seven year old and 3 year old out to the shop with her. Savannah helped me rip a bunch of boards for the heard board while my daughters proceeded to get sawdust all over them. Yet not once did either of my two princesses do anything that would entail them getting so much sawdust on them…hmmm. Oh well they had fun and the shower took care of what we could not brush off.