Well today is my birthday (Happy Birthday, Hugh! – ed.) and I decided I wanted to spend time with friends and family this evening, having steak, beer and a zombie board game. However my best friend and his wife (my family really) heard about the boat project and knew that my shop was open for business. Insomuch that they had a project for their house in which I could best assist them; being the creation of a new awesome and custom built headboard. Thus my buddies wife (Miranda) drew up the plans complete with measurements after which Tony (my bud) and I went to get lumber.

Since I enjoy woodwork, I don’t mind taking on a project like this for them, and I certainly don’t mind a trip to Lowes. This errand also allowed me to get additional materials such as precut 2×4 studs to beef up my strongback.

Yet aside from getting lumber, no actual work was undertaken today. Copious amounts of beer were consumed however and a general good time was had by all!