Hello, I’m Hugh…

I am a 14 year military veteran first four years being Navy. I am also a massive history buff and nerd. Also kind of grew up on the water with a love of boats and naval history. I have always wanted to build a 60 or so foot sloop of war like those that sailed in the Continental Navy. Yet many friends, family and experts (I’m no expert, but I have to agree – ed.) have suggested I set my sights a bit lower for a first build. Don’t get me wrong I have not given up on my bigger dream in my Sloop of War.

I have four children all told. All daughters of course and all love the water. Thus a few years ago I purchased a Pontoon Boat that was decrepit than and now is simply more trouble than she is worth. Upon coming across Marks’s designs I persuaded my family (mostly my wife) to allow and help me build a Mark V 28. They all agreed and actually my wife is looking forward to helping me build (we shall see how that goes lol…).

Making this decision to build the boat a bit easier is the fact I have worked a lot with wood, building my own furniture and inside my home and have many nice tools that should make this easier. Further, I also have a 30×40 shop (pics will follow) that I will do all the construction in and keep the boat protected and dry. In the spirit of this new venture and since I am a massive nerd, the shop will be re-dubbed the "yard". This is, however, not to say I expect this project to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. I have never built a boat before and I will be constantly second guessing myself combined with balancing my family, work and school (senior year of college).