Seafoam Kayak

>>> Seafoam Kayak

A fun looking Instructable where a Gavin Atkin Mouseboat design (plans are free from Duckworks) is constructed from builders foam insulation. Wouldn’t have thought it would be tough enough, but he skins it with glue-impregnated cloth and it seems to work well.

Fun project.

(I didn’t know people built camping trailers from this stuff… they call them "foamies".)

Concept Craft: Get A First Look At Beneteau’s Hybrid Prototype

>>> Concept Craft: Get A First Look At Beneteau’s Hybrid Prototype

PassageMaker has a very good article giving an initial introduction to Beneteau’s hybrid prototype. Built in conjunction with Elco (nothing like 120+ years of electric boat experience), they have modified a Swift Trawler 34 to have a hybrid power train.

Pretty slick. I expect the costs (as they have with cars and other things) will come down and become viable in the next few years. Definitely a technology to watch, in my opinion.

Glen of Glen-L

>>> Glen of Glen-L

Please say a quick prayer for Glen (of Glen-L fame) and his family… his daughter Gayle Brantuk (who has run the business for a while now), posted this today:

Dear Glen-L Family,

Many of you ask from time to time, how my father Glen is doing. I just want to let you know that he was recently in the hospital with Pneumonia and we have brought him home. However, his health is failing. At 97 years of age, it comes as no surprise, but, is quite emotionally draining.

No matter how much time Glen has with us, we know his life and legacy will continue on in the Glen-L boats you folks have and will continue to build and enjoy.

We would sure appreciate your thoughts and prayers at this time. Thank you so much… At Your Service,

Gayle Brantuk
Glen-L Marine Designs