I received this from Jay Greer from the CommonsenseBoats mailing list.

Our condolences to Ted’s friends and family.

A very good man has just crossed the bar. I was over at Edensaw Hardwoods today and learned, much to my sorrow, that an old friend I and many of you may have known over the years has passed on. Ted Pike left this world about four weeks ago. Ted aside from being a great sailor and boat builder was one of the top sales reps for Edensaw here in Port Townsend WA. He had not been feeling up to par for over a week and so checked into Jefferson County Hospital. They ran a few tests and put him on a chopper for Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Shortly after arriving he lapsed into a coma and passed on a few weeks later. He never regained consciousness. Sorry to have to say goodby to a pal!
Jay Greer