Passing of Ted Pike

I received this from Jay Greer from the CommonsenseBoats mailing list.

Our condolences to Ted’s friends and family.

A very good man has just crossed the bar. I was over at Edensaw Hardwoods today and learned, much to my sorrow, that an old friend I and many of you may have known over the years has passed on. Ted Pike left this world about four weeks ago. Ted aside from being a great sailor and boat builder was one of the top sales reps for Edensaw here in Port Townsend WA. He had not been feeling up to par for over a week and so checked into Jefferson County Hospital. They ran a few tests and put him on a chopper for Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Shortly after arriving he lapsed into a coma and passed on a few weeks later. He never regained consciousness. Sorry to have to say goodby to a pal!
Jay Greer

Portland Pudgy

>>> Portland Pudgy

Billed as the "World’s Best Dinghy", the Portland Pudgy certainly seems to be an interesting (and tough) design.

Made from rotation-molded polyethylene, it has closed-cell foam filling making it "unsinkable". Easily rightable (they have videos of it being done by a person in the water), it looks like a tough, serviceable boat.

How may dinghys have you seen flying?

A Portland Pudgy was used as a gondola under a bunch of helium filled balloons on an attempted Atlantic aerial crossing. Really.

MJM Yachts 50z

>>> MJM Yachts 50z

Manufacturing the worlds most advanced cruising yacht to the highest standards of speed, efficiency, and stability takes lots of technology and an uncompromising discipline.

Pretty boat… that system that allows the boat to "hover" on its on is really slick. Not sure how much I would care to trust in "by itself" in a crowded area like he did in the video. Not sure if there is a wireless remote or not. The triple (claimed to be more efficient than dual – seems counterintuitive to me, but) Volvo-Penta IPS600 is an interesting setup.

Synthetic teak and no brightwork is a trend I like seeing on upper end boats. I want to enjoy the boat, not spend all my time on maintenance.