The Kon-Tiki

>>> The Kon-Tiki

Would you cross the Pacific on a hand-made raft? Thor Heyerdahl and his crew did in the late 1940’s to prove a theory that the South Pacific islands could have been populated from South America, not from Asia as was assumed at the time.

He recreated a potential voyage using materials and technology available in the time of pre-Colombian Peru.

Interesting story… and shows how you don’t have to have all the fanciness we are accustomed to having 🙂

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The Marchard Knot

>>> The Marchard Knot

A nifty article giving the history and uses of the Marchard knot. A simple way of looping a bit of rope around another rope (or a hose or the like), and using a carabiner to attach it.

Considered one of the simplest auto-jamming knots, it can be used in belaying, abseiling (rappelling), or just hanging a work light.

Knowing knots and their uses is always handy.

Rock Star Mega-ship

CNN has a nice article (with pictures by Gregers Heering) by Thom Patterson covering the Maersk Majestic.

Think about a ship that size with a crew of 19… could get lonely 🙂

Maersk Majestic

Built: 2013

Length: 1,312 feet (400 meters)

Width: 193 feet (59 meters)

Height: 239 feet (73 meters)

Weight: 60,000 tons

Capacity: About 18,000 containers

Cost: About $185 million

Engines: Two

Maximum speed: About 26 mph (23 knots)

Crew: 19

Source: Maersk


>>> Stabicraft

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