Tall Ship Miraka

>>> Tall Ship Miraka

Pretty ship… Buy your very own pirate ship 🙂

Tall Ship Miraka

Vintage Pirate Ship For Sale S/V Miraka Fully Restored Classic Sailing Vessel S/V Miraka – all teak, 57′ LOA (40′ on deck) square tops’l, stays’l, ketch, completely restored.

American Marine (Grand Banks) built in Hong Kong 1961 Hugh Angleman/Charles Davies design Mayflower Ketch

Oldest Controllable Pitch Propeller

When you build it right, it just keeps going. A quick clip showing the oldest working Controllable Pitch Propeller -- 70 years old and still in service.

The Tug boat "Herkules" from 1939, is being maintained by Berg Propulsion at Gotenius Ship Yard Sept 2009. The propeller is unique -- it is the oldest controllable pitch propeller in service. It is the 3:rd propeller built by KaMeWa. Berg Propulsion was established 1912. http://www.bergpropulsion.com

The Biggest Ship in the World

>>> The Biggest Ship in the World

The Prelude – maybe not really a ship, but at more than 530 yards long, 80 yards wide, and constructed with 260,000 metric tons of steel, it’s claimed to be the largest floating structure ever.

Stephen Mallon hired a crane and took more than 1,000 separate photos, now published as a composite Photosynth image.

the prelude by jonhuang on photosynth