Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

>>> Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

Wooden Widget has added yet another, longer, 9′ version of their Fliptail design. This gives 6′, 7′ and 9′ versions of this design, along with several other nifty folding boat designs.

Benjy’s Origami design was our first "boat build", which is a surprisingly stable and versatile little boat. The Fliptail looks to be a lighter design (important in this type of boat), that is still stable and usable.

Check the video with the boat on plane.

The Fliptail is the latest addition to the Woodenwidget family. Pretty, functional and easy to build. The Fliptail is a simple folding dinghy consisting of a central keel with two drop down floors, four hinged hoops and a reinforced PVC cloth skin. It assembles in moments and rows and sails extremely well. Tough, light and resilient, with a 3.3hp motor it can also plane at speeds of up to 14 knots! Available in both 6 and 7 foot versions.

Open Gate – my new book

Open Gate

It’s taken a while (too long, like many things), but I finished up my first foray into fiction writing and have made it available. If you have any interest in Science Fiction, please check it out!

Rachael and James have found an opening to another world. It’s the chance for the human race to get off our planet and have breathing room. A place for the explorers at heart to blaze new trails.

But the government is breaking down, there is rioting in the streets and the authorities are in pursuit.

And what about the original owners of these new-found cities? Where are they, and are they wanting visitors?

Shaved head on a boat

>>> Shaved head on a boat

OK, just a great, funny story from the All About Houseboats folks.

I told my wife, prior to leaving for Shasta, I was going to shave my head. She said "Why not do it on the houseboat? I just cleaned the bathrooms!" I said, ‘OK.’

The next morning we left for Shasta with some friends, boarded the houseboat, went to one of my favorite coves on the Squaw Creek Arm, tied up, opened a beer, and I went aft to shave my head.

I had just completed the right side, when I switched hands to do the left side; my hand hit the ladder to the sundeck, and the 2 week-old Remington Electric razor dropped like a stone, bounced off the deck, and blithely scooted under the rail and into about 30′ of water!

It didn’t end there… check out the link for the rest 🙂

MarCo Nautical Creations

>>> MarCo Nautical Creations

With a slogan like "Mahogany Meets The Microchip", how can you go wrong? Some nice little boats, not necessarily fancy, but well done, with nice accessories. Some good information on the build methods also.

At MarCo Nautical Creations we build unique, personalized watercraft that combine the beauty and craftmanship of the wooden boats of yesteryear with the technology and design advances of the 21st century. Modern amenities with a classic look. We currently offer four base models that can be custom built to your specifications on wood type, color patterns and various design features. We also offer a wide range of technological options including LED lighting, solar power and blue tooth audio. Click on one of the links below to begin designing your one-of-a-kind dream boat. You can also contact us about a completely original build- the only limitation, is your imagination.