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BaD Ship Models

We were recently on a trip and spent a pleasant day in Norfolk, VA. Part of our activities included touring the USS Wisconsin (BB-64), which is on display and partially open for guided tours alongside the Nauticus hands-on maritime musuem. The tour we had was led by a retired Chief Petty Officer who was a great guide and had some good sea stories to tell.

As part of the museum, there are several large ship models on display. Of course the model of the Wisconsin is of prime interest. I found it was built by a gentleman who offers a variety of other nice looking naval ship kits from BaD Ship Models. They use CNC laser cut frames and parts and seem to have a very nice product. Worth a look if you are into large scale, detailed modeling, or R/C craft.


>>> Peacoats

If you’ve studied naval and maritime history any, especially military naval history, you’ve seen peacoats in pictures. If you’ve been to sea, you may have worn one. But where did they come from? What’s the history of that classic design?

Well, wonder know more… check out this article and learn all about them.