On The Water Chartguides sale

>>> On The Water Chartguides sale

On The Water Chartguides sale

Mark and Diana Doyle, with thier excellent guides for the Intracoastal Waterway are having a sale.

Mark and I want to thank you for your support this year and have posted two special holiday offers to our website.

Our new AnchorGuides have been very well received. If you haven’t yet picked up a set for yourself, here’s an opportunity to save even more. And if you already purchased a set, thank you again, and here’s a chance to send a set to a friend as a holiday gift.

We can send these anywhere you’d like in the United States, just let us know where they should go!

We’re also extending the November e-charting bundle sale price to give everyone more time to pick up the book and DVD chart set for themselves or a friend.

Through December, the two-volume AnchorGuide bundle has been lowered on our website to $34.95 (42% off) … and the e-charting bundle has been extended at $24.95 (67% off):


Again, thank you for supporting our small American business and the very best of holidays to you and yours.


Sailrocket 2

Now that is one fast sailboat:

Two days after finally smashing the Outright world speed sailing record, the Vestas Sailrocket 2 team decide to tackle the ‘Nautical Mile’ world record which was held by the mighty ‘Hydroptere’. It was always going to be an interesting challenge for the VSR2 team as the speed course that they sail on in Walvis Bay, Namibia is defined by a beach which is exactly 1.04 miles long. This requires them to launch the boat out in more exposed waters and try and get up to as high a speed as they dare in rough water before they hit the start of the mile. At the end of the course they also fire out into rough water and have to bring the boat to a stop. It’s hard on the boat. The beach is not straight but has a slight curve in it . The mile is measured by TRIMBLE GPS equipment in a straight line so pilot Paul Larsen needs to balance between sailing in close to the beach for the flat water… and sailing the straightest and hence shortest distance between A and B. In this run, with winds that averaged just under 25 knots, The team smashed not only the nautical mile record by over 5 knots averaging over 55.3 knots… but also raised their own ‘Outright speed’ record to 59.38 knots over 500 meters hitting a peak speed of 64.78 knots (74.55 mph, 120 kph). For Larsen it was the perfect payback for 10 years chasing ‘the perfect reach’. Speed sailing had paid him back in full and a dream was realised. VSR2 performed exactly as predicted by the Sailrocket design team of Malcolm Barnsley and Chris Hornzee Jones at AEROTROPE. The spec for the boat was to be able to hit 65 knots in 26 knots of wind in order to average around 60 knots.

  • All records subject to WSSRC ratification
  • Directed, filmed and edited by Ben Holder.

Happy Thanksgiving

To those of you in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have a fun and safe holiday with family and friends. For those elsewhere, I wish you well in the upcoming holiday season (and maybe take the opportunity to say "Thanks" for the blessings you have received even if it isn’t an official holiday where you are).

Thank you, Veterans!

Here in the United States, we are winding down on Veteran’s Day. I just want to add my thanks to all those who served (Thanks Dad!) over the years, in peacetime and war, and those serving now. To all those who sacrificed to protect our country and our freedoms, thanks.